HSP SCIENCE © 2009 is a comprehensive program to be used by all students from Kindergarten through Grade 6. The program was specifically written to develop science literacy and to prepare students for state and standardized tests. The foundation of the program lies in a balance of the three domains of science: life science, earth science, and physical science. Within those domains, science literacy is developed through inquiry activities, reading in science, ongoing review, and linking to additional experiences for greater depth of understanding.
     HSP SCIENCE includes a vast array of
easy-to-use technology components that support instruction for students.

The Student Edition eBook
available through (Log-in)
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Provides an alternative format for students to access content. With an eBook, students can access their book through the Internet at home.
Navigating the eBook: Click on the contents button to bring down the table of contents.
To access a specific textbook page, type the page number in the box and then click Go. Forward and back arrows let you navigate through the eBook page-by-page.

of the Student Edition eBook

Not only will the students be able to read assignments online, this format provides the following multimedia resources, making science learning interactive and engaging.
AUDIO: Click the blue button     at the beginning of each section to hear the text read.
PRINTABLE LESSON RESOURCES: By clicking the printer button, students can print support pages from the Lab Manual or Reading Support and Homework.
VOCABULARY WORDS: When students click on a word located in a vocabulary list or on a highlighted word within the text, a pop-up box appears, providing the word and definition, both with audio available.
MULTIMEDIA GLOSSARY provides pictures and definitions of all the words in the Student Edition glossaries as well as audio support that can be turned on or off.

This feature is also available separate from the ebook HERE!

SCIENCE UP CLOSE is an interactive version of the Science Up Close features in the Student Edition.

This feature is also available separate from the ebook HERE!

HSP Science 
Harcourt Leveled Readers Online
Harcourt Leveled Readers Online helps increase reading skills and promotes literacy among students. This collection can be viewed or listened to online, or printed to read offline.

Leveled Readers, three per chapter, reinforce the science concepts and vocabulary introduced in each chapter while reinforcing early literacy skills. The books progress from having one sight word and one rebus per page to having a short, complete sentence on the page. All photographs match and support the words on the page so that children can read them independently.
The Learning Site

HSP SCIENCE Learning Site provides online activities and support correlated to each chapter in the Student Edition. Students can access grade-level resources such as games, activities, Science Up Close, Biographies, and SciLinks® by clicking on the appropriate grade level.
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All Grades:

Student Edition eBook Instructions

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2. Choose from the drop-down menus:

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3. Choose "My Library"
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