XtraMath is
web-based program
used to support the math curriculum in
Grades 1 - 6.

We encourage
support at home.

Be sure to check below where several short videos have been posted to introduce you and the students to this great resource.

Math Facts Practice          www.xtramath.org

When children gain mastery of their basic math facts, they are better prepared for more advanced math skills.  Therefore, it is essential for them to practice the facts on a regular basis. Core math facts are the building blocks of a child’s education and essential for success with fractions, decimals, multi-digit algorithms and higher level Math. XtraMath is based on the assumption that students who regularly practice will quickly and easily recall answers when needed, freeing up mental resources for more complex problem solving.

XtraMath is a simple, effective, and free tool to use in drilling math facts. Created for teachers to use in the classrooms or for parents to use at home, the student activities take less than 10 minutes each day and can easily be worked into a student’s daily routine.
Each student begins the program by taking a placement test so the computer knows which facts the student already knows and which ones need to be worked learned. New facts are gradually added while periodically quizzing the child on old ones. A correct response must be made within 3 seconds in order to receive credit for mastery of a fact. Students work on one math operation at a time until mastery is achieved.

XtraMath keeps track of the child’s mastery and has a parent/teacher login with graphs showing your child’s progress. There is also a matrix that is provided showing which facts have been mastered, which are being worked on, and which ones they have yet to start.

Thanks to the support of grants and donations, XtraMath is free of any advertising, making it as safe as it is mentally challenging.

1. A quick overview of the web-based XtraMath math fact practice program:

2. Introducing students to XtraMath:

3. How students sign in to practice & parents / teachers sign in for reports:

4. What to do if your child brought home an XtraMath enrollment flyer:

5. Instructions on how parents can get started so their children can practice math facts:

6. A quick overview of how XtraMath works in the classroom environment:

7. A quick overview of the student activities in XtraMath:

8. A quick overview of the reports available to parents and teachers in XtraMath:

XtraMath on Vimeo